Declaration in response to the Rejection of the ‘Make It Happen’ Political Reform Package

Crisis remains unsolved after rejection
Our city is to set forth to a road of peril


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‘Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.’ The political reform package was finally rejected with an overwhelming majority yesterday at the Legislative Council. The lasting piece and bit of Hong Kong is finally saved. Still, it shall never be regarded as an interim victory, nor shall we applause and chant this song of ‘Today, I…’

Thirty years were wasted in faltering steps, endless roads are reaching far ahead. On one hand, we fought off Chinese communist infiltration attempting to colonize; on the other, we defended against strong aristocratic betrayal begging for survival. Royalist servants neglecting our opinions and only, and blindly, following imperial edicts is certainly shameful and pathetic; the Democratic Party and the Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People’s Livelihood as the turncoat and traitor five years ago is also insulting and disappointing. With much fear toward various precedence, we have cosigned and protested to avoid any betrayal. Luckily, twenty-eight councilors held strong to their bottom lines and exercised their right to veto. Such act shall yet always be their rightful duty but never a favour nor grace, and surely never a plan in seizing supports and votes.

Going viral for more than twenty months, ‘Pocket for now’ has reversed all right and wrong in society. High officials first swore black to be white. Scoundrels like Robert Chow, Leticia Lee and Chris Wat parroted and ever changed their principles, fabricating civil opinions and circumstances, disturbing civil understanding and acceptance; the Legislative Council then openly received the subjugation of 500 police officers, leading to the total collapse and destruction of separation of powers. The political reform package might be rejected yesterday, our city could just hold on to our rubbles, the situation has yet been worsening. The Chinese communist must further muzzle our city upon the rejection and assimilating manoeuvres shall be in the air. We must endeavour to strengthen with vigilance.

After the transfer of sovereignty, solemn promises of ‘Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong’ and ‘Unchanged for 50 Years’ are flickering candles waiting to be smothered. While ‘One Country, Two Systems’ originated from Anglo-Sino conspiracy without any empowerment from Hong Kong people, any Chinese communist treachery and perfidy trampling our dignity can certainly be expected. It is thus unequivocally fair and just to claim and chant the slogan of ‘We determine our own destiny’. As the dreadful package is now spurned, we should first discuss our prospect after 2047 and lead the political agenda to force the early communist review and solution. Our situation in protest would only be in greater peril upon successful assimilation if we failed. By then, the Chinese inmates shall take over the asylum. We shall be left impotent to save the day.

Seventy-five years ago, Charles De Gaulle, the resurgent French general, encouraged his subordinates with his À tous les Français, ‘wherever they may be, to unite with me in action, in sacrifice and in hope.’ In this time of chaos, rejection of the reform package never matters to this imminent predicament. We are at no state different from the French suffering from German trample and crush. As his speech goes, ‘Our country is in danger of death! Let us fight to save it!’

The Hong Kong University Students’ Union
19 June 2015